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Ideas for Maxwell rework in DST

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First of all, I personally really like the concept of this character. he and his ability seem pretty cool. However, when I play as this character, I feel like his ability isn't represented the best. The shadow duelists are too weak to be practical and the shadow workers sometimes chop down trees or mine rocks that you don't want them to. So, here is my ideas.

Let there be 3 shadow puppets like in DS.(no sub classes)

Each have 200 hp(Maxwell's max sanity number) and regen 1 hp per second just like Abigail.
Shadow puppets do work based on the tools you(Maxwell) equip(s). For example, if you are holding an axe, shadow puppets will start to chop all the trees in range. If you are holding a pickaxe, they will start mining rocks. If you are holding a shovel, they will dig stumps, graves, etc. Other than that, they will act as a shadow duelists who won't engage in a battle unless you hit something or are hit by something. Moreover, If they do battle, they will kite enemies. (just like the way they do in DST) This way you kinda can order them what to do instead of having them mindlessly destroying everything.

If you think this is too op, my further ideas for the nerf are:
Reduce their damage. Maybe make each puppet deal only 20-30 damage, so if you want to maximize the dps you have to have 3 of them.
Increase the cost of summoning the puppets. Maybe 4-5 nightmare fuel and 20 hp. Is this too much, or still too cheap? I don't know.

Other than these changes, I think he is fine as he is right now. His low hp makes the player be more careful about combat, and his +6.75/min sanity makes it easier to manage his sanity. (unlike in DS where he gains too much and too fast anity making it almost impossible to farm nightmare fuel) If you guys have any ideas, feel free to share them here. :) 
Ps. I am not a native speaker. Just to let you know if my English sounds ridiculous.


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