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Help harvesting a naturally open volcano

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Hi everyone,

I'm enjoying a game on a Rime planet, my base is stable cycle 250 and i seek to establish a good industry core worthy of being expanded late game.

In particular I'm interested in using volcanoes for both steam power and petroleum boiler. I thought i had great luck with their disposition with two sets of two volcanoes, one set near my industrial space and the other near both a water geyser and an oil reservoir.

The only thing is, they are all naturally open volcanoes, having long since roasted their respective biomes and covered themselves in magma in liquid form for one, solid 1300°C igneous for the other set.

So far, everything i read is about taming volcanoes found entombed and cold.


I found out while testing that 1300°C abysalite and even obsidian would not even melt a few kg of ice and my dupes need no protection from those rocks. So i suppose it's also not worth trying to harvest those materials (apart from locking them away from my base) since they would not give away their heat nearly well enough, but igneous is a threat. By the way I witnessed a funny and unreliable phase change where dug 1300°C igneous would spontaneously transform into sand upon touching the ground.

Can i skip the rocks and go directly for the volcano or is it needed/worth it to use the rocks? How do i work around magma pools?

I want to have your feedback and experience on this, do you have a good setup for either or both solid and liquid magma pools?

Best regards.

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