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New end game idea

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So i'm not sure if this has been mentioned before (sorry if it has), but i had an idea for a way to increase the end game without too much additional work from Klei.

Once you have got to the end game/completion you have to build rockets which have storage. You can load things onto the solid storage like for metals, minerals, etc. Liquid storage for water, p water, liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen etc. Living storage for food, critters and dupes. You then have to colonise a new asteroid and effectively start again, but you have the things that you have chosen to take with you and a complete research tree. Send multiple rocket launches to take over what you wanted (could even deconstruction parts of the original base towards the end to take with you) but you would have to send inanimate things first so they don't rot or die. 

Small pockets of space materials could even be in the biomes to mine. This would make more interesting builds off the bat with things like thermium and super coolant to play with from the very start. 

This would add a whole new layer to starting a new asteroid, and for the die hard players out there, you would have colonise all 9 planets using this method with the same colony to get ultimate completion. 

There would have to be a mechanic implemented so that you couldn't have 2 seeds open simultaneously. Needs to be the same feeling of starting a new asteroid. The asteroid chosen could be random too. 


Any additional ideas welcome. 

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