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Need advice for a couple of script modifications

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Hi! I'm new to modding Don't Starve. At the moment I'm just modifying some Workshop mods that I want to tweak a few things. But eventually I think I want to make my own character mods from scratch in the future. For now I'm just tweaking mods for personal use.


There is a cool character mod that i really like, and I want to see if I can give him Wilbur's run ability + animation. I found both of the character's scripts, and the lines in Wilbur's script that I assume is for his run ability. The only problem is: How should I merge part of Wilbur's script into the mod character's script, and then recompile this back into the mod character's file? Or if I decide to make a copy of it with my modified version?

There is also another mod in the Workshop that allows rocks to be thrown as a weapon, but it isn't updated to go along with the Hamlet DLC, so it's completely taken away my ability to give the rocks to trader pigs, and only gives me the option to pelt them with the rocks. Is there a way I can modify the script to only give the attack option when holding down CTRL, perhaps?

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