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Gases dynamics

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if this topic already exists, I am sorry, my forum skills are a bit limited/rusty and i couldnt find anything quite similar to my suggestion.

I must say that I am surprised that no one suggested this a long time ago already but here goes:

Gases in ONI are a bit too static; When there`s an area of low pressure, gas from a higher pressures takes time to fill/equalize the area. Now, stop me if i`m wrong but i guess that the gas mechanics have every tiles try and equalize it`s neighbour in a cascading way right?

What if, in addition to this, a tile had a vector pointing to the last tile it "sent" some of it's mass? each successive time it tries to equalize, it would add to this vector. each time it receives some gas from another tile, or is pushed by a different gas, it would create/add to it's vector, pointing away from the source.

This would emulate a flow. Gases would speed up their transfer in a general direction of low pressure and fill voids more quickly. This way, you would fix the problem of pumps creating voids when still submerged into gas... the flow would simply point in the general direction of the pump from all direction, going faster as it gets near the pump itself.

I know this would add some more process weight but you could tweak this up by only taking into account vectors that have a certain magnitude. the other areas could work normally.

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