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Hound Huggles - Klei official server not accessible atm of this post

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At the moment of this post Hound Huggles - Klei official server seems to not be accessible anymore (though is online) after all the people on it got disconnected. Was by some miracle on day 334 going strong and when was saving in morning for respective day I suppose it crashed. It shows in server list, people try to connect but get dc immediately. Or, as per the print-screen below, one connects but can't move character (or do anything really) while server-status is shown on the red/lack of connectivity side. Maybe server needs a restart (obviously without reset) from Klei's end?! Ty in advance!


PS: don't know what's the deal with that rollback, when managed to finally connect, it popped out of the blue while no one was yet on server beside yours truly.


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