Artist needs a Coder, Please Help Me xD


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Aaaalrighty, so I have been planning on doing this for awhile and my first dive into Don't Starve modding didn't go...




But, I'm back! With new ideas... Grand ideas... Dumb ideas... You may have noticed the adorable new avatar, yes. That beautiful whamen is my current project! She is my OC/Mascot for my YouTube... Stuff... Anyway, I wanted to have a custom avatar for her for when I played Don't Starve. I have excessive amounts of reference material, although the art side is covered by myself. The part where it gets tricky is, my special lil lady here has a transformation and it may cause problems if I just try to do it myself...

Right now, I don't have much money to offer... HOWEVER, I will give you a lot of credit and when I get my Youtube stuff together I'll be sure to give you a huge shoutout. My audience isn't exactly huge right now, especially due to me having to take a surprise break due to IRL issues, but this is the best I can offer. Any help would be EXTREMELY appreciated, as because of my last attempt at this whole deal I have a lot of lingering anxiety about attempting it again. I may also (if time allows) help you with the artistic elements of a mod or something if you need it!

If you are interested, PM me and I'll give you the details and show you what we are up against here. I am no expert, so I have no idea if this is going to be tough or easy to do.


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More information:


This would be for DST

The characters stats would be something like:

Health: 150
Hunger: 150
Sanity: 200

The only ability I can think of for her that would make sense is her transforming into her Dark Form.


While in her Dark Form she'd be immune to sanity loss from the darkness, but anyone nearby would get double sanity loss. Spiders and various other creatures would become friendly towards her, but monsters like pigmen would become extra hostile. She'd also be unable to use tools, but have the ability to attack with her tail.

This is all conceptual, so let me know what you think, or how you'd improve the concept!

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