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Roman Torchwick

Why can we never have Local Co-Op on PC?

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I saw people playing Split Screen on youtube and thought "That looks like a lot of fun, I'm gonna buy that game"

UNFORTUNATELY I made the mistake of buying it on PC, which doesn't have Local Co-Op

"This is probably my fault, I bought the Wrong Version of Don't Starve. I should get Don't Starve Together"
I thought, so I did, and guess what feature theĀ  version of Don't Starve sold for it's Multiplayer doesn't have?

"I'll go suggest Local Co-Op on the forums"
I thought, and so I went to the Steam forum, which is really divided up into weird categories, and did a search. Do you know what I found? People have been begging for Local Co-Op for literally years, years and years, you've had customers begging you, offering to pay you if you make it DLC. So far the best we've got seems to be a mod for it but it's not controller supported and doesn't have all the features PS4 has.

"Just use LAN"
Some guy in the forum suggests. So I politely explain that LAN is a completely different experience, Local Co-Op is fun in ways LAN isn't, and also LAN requires separate gaming devices and multiple copies of the game.

"Multi-Box Don't Starve Together"
Someone in the Steam Forum suggested, offering really convoluted instructions for how to do it, that it turns out cuts off part of the screen and also basically destroys people's systems. Yeah that's not a good solution.

Why Devs, why can't we ever have Local Co-Op on PC?

Every PC gamer has a controller now, there are PC screens big enough for 4 player splitscreen, every TV has an HDMI Jack and can double as a monitor.

Is there a reason you just don't want us to be able to play Local Co-Op on the PC? Is it a deal you worked out with Sony? Do you have some really outdated notions about what PC Gamers are or something? Is there some technical limitation in the PC version? You realize it would sell copies right?

I refunded due to the lack of Local Co-Op, I won't lie I felt a little burned because of the PS4 footage, it was misleading, I was genuinely confused as to why I couldn't play Local on PC. Maybe I'll get it on PS4, if I ever have a PS4.

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__IvoCZE__    9520
On 29. 7. 2019 at 5:08 PM, Roman Torchwick said:

Every PC gamer has a controller now.

Kiddo ya be living in the future because the closest thing i have to a controller is a mobile.

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