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Looking for someone to finish a character mod and share credit

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Hello, I'm relatively new to the game and the forum. I'm in love with this game and I had the idea of adding my all-time favorite character to it: Indiana Jones - in DST universe his name is Windiana! So I started working on the mod, watching all the classic tutorials. But even doing things exactly like they say, I can't make it work. I mean, the mod works, but the character gets misaligned - really not too much, but enough to annoy me. No matter what I do. I even tried to move the parts on Spriter and got nothing. Since I'm having those alignment issues, I can't create the faces (and I used the extended sample character, which is kinda hard because that character is not even human and it's a pain to addapt those shapes). So the character is basically done, but without those lots of face expressions. Also I didn't started to add the character changes like: he will have a Fedora hat and a bullwhip right from the start. It will be one of those OP mods, I know, but it's just for fun. Other problem: the portraits. I did all they say, even the changes after compiling, and still can't make it work. Don't know what else to do and unfortunately I don't have the time I would like to have to work on this.

So, what needs to be done:

- solve the alignment issues;

- create some face expressions (I can do this if I get the right 'metrics', or I'll do it and other person edit the alignments);

- create the Fedora and the Bullwhip with the respective bonus and abilities, and character bonus/skills (didn't learn how to do it yet);

- solve portraits and other eventual images.

Like I said: the character model is basically done. If anyone can help me finish this, please get in touch so we can talk about it and I'll send the files. When it's done, we'll upload to workshop as co-authors.




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