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Theories of Unnatural Philosophy

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Perhaps this has been brought up before, in fact I would be surprised if it hadn't, but does anyone else get the feeling that these islands that Wilson repeatedly lives and dies on are a sort of limbo? A between worlds sort of trial, in which his soul is purged or perhaps simply tormented time and time again? I would venture the opinion that each and every one of the characters in Don't Starve did exactly the opposite of that sage advice. Wilson, so caught up in his experiments and pseudo-science simply worked himself to death, forgetting to eat. Dear Willow, she burned down the orphanage that she was housed in, and shortly thereafter starved to death in the mean streets of London. Wendy, distraught by the death of her sister Abigail simply refused to eat until the final straw that broke fates back. Wolfgang seems the manly great white hunter type, and became horribly lost on an expedition, slowly wasting away after he ran out of bullets and hope. Each of these characters inhabits this limbo, their personal hell, or heaven depending on what they make of it, desperately attempting to satiate an unending hunger born from the cause of their deaths. The items you dig up from graves are all discarded and broken. These are the ghosts of childrens toys, the shadow of each and every button you've lost from your shirts. Upon digging into these graves you pull objects through from these pocket limbos, thus the ghosts. To them, you appear as a ghost, wavering and insubstantial sucking at their life with an incessant hunger. When you use the tent, you aren't switching characters, so much as visiting another dimension. Wilson returns to his tent, to rest for a time and you instead follow the brave adventures of a little girl, in another world.

Just food for thought. Until I get the actual story I'll be making mine up as I go!

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