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New character, mobs and entire new island update

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So, to make it clear, everyone can suggest what they want to change in it, but let's head up to my topic. I want this only to dst, because this would be more fun with friends. In Constant, we got only one island called the 'lunar island'. I suggest another idea, for late-game one island, just when you defeat fuelweaver there would be sth new on island. You might at this point be annoyed, 'cause i still didn't tell about island, but be patient, i'll say it now. Why don't we have underwater biome? Like fuelweaver could drop item, that kinda let us breath underwater, but only for some time, before we drown. Also with this idea there comes the mechanic, that characters can swim, but only close to the island they can swoim as long as they want, if you are like 5 'blocks' away from any island, you will have 5 seconds to swim until you die from drowning. The new character is as you didn't suspect the diver, but the undead, the first unlockable character, that you must find underwater and revive with new mobs drops the sea heart. It could breath underwater as many time as it wants, but it need to kill any animal close to him, because not attacking will drop his sanity, and when this comes to 15- it attack itself, his hunger drops 30% faster than other characters and the weggies doesn't affect on his hunger, only on his HP. Racist pigs and bunnymen doesn't like him just like Webber and Wortox. He also needs to be wet all the time, because if don't it will slowly loose HP. As for mobs, holy moly how much ideas i have. For the pigs replacement i'd give some merm-like creature, but peaceful to the players untill they will attack one. They couldn't swim out to the surface, because they are Waters creatures, but you could bring them up to surface with fishing rod if they were close to the place you went to the surface, but then they will turn into normal merms and will attack you. Turtles would be peaceful too, like the cat from birchnut forest, but underwater, for trinkets they would give some sea trinkets which you can trade for big amount od gold to pig king, for the worser info, they would be very far away, and coming as any character other than undead would cause death. There would be new Boss too. Eeliathan (mix up eel with leviathan), just like dragonfly, it would swim randomly and slowly, but coming close to it would trigger him. He would have three phases, on each underwater and surface. Underwater fight would be more simple and easy, but Boss would damage more, you will need to care about oxygen, because when Boss hit you, you loose some of it and you can say goodbye to very much piece of your HP, because you are wet all the time (the Boss gives eletric hits). 1st phase underwater would be just trying-to-hit-player type fighting, the second phase is making underwater tornados, which pull players into itself dealing some damage, the best tactic is just swiming a bit away. The third phase is very long-distance attacks with his tail and sometimes fake his attacks and second after hit the player with his tail. On the surface fighting is way more complicated, just like in shipwrecked like most bosses he make a lot of waves around him, slowing down the boat, so dodging would be harder, also when we talk about surface, you can't go to aby island, because the Boss will go away, you will need to fight him on a boat, which Has HP, the second phase is when he is struck by lightning and Has even more powerful ranged attacks, where he aims, it also would spread a bit and hit you if you are in the Water you will get hurt a bit more. The third phase,the hardest it when he powerfuly hits the Water with his tail, hides in the water and try to sneak attack the player, when he's going into his trap (because the Boss head will go the other way the waves from hitting goes, Just like big V). He also spams with lightnings too, but for that you can wear eyebrella unlikely to underwater. He would drop some rare item to make sea heart and unlock the undead. You could make a lot of mysterious civilization easter eggs klei. See ya! 

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