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Number ranges that include negatives

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I'd like to suggest that all numerical ranges which include a negative number in the in-game database to have the en dash (dash between the high and low of a range) replaced with "to", or some other method be used to mark negatives (red, or parentheses maybe). Or perhaps altering all ranges to read inside brackets

My reasoning for this suggestion is that it can be confusing at a glance. The dash used is too close to the negative symbol, and the space between the dash and number can easily be ignored.

Current: -70 °C - 100 °C (negative seventy to positive one hundred)

Suggestion 1: -70 °C to 100 °C

Suggestion 2: -70 °C–100 °C

Suggestion 3: [-70,100] °C


- negative sign/hyphen

- symbol currently used in ONI to denote a range (negative sign/hyphen, with spaces before and after)

– en dash (used to denote a range. slightly longer than a dash and used without spaces.) [gripe isn't about improper symbol usage, but I thought I would bring it up anyways]

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