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Progress of the game doesn't saves.

When i create new slot of the game - i can play its ok, but when i start new game after this - i must create new slot every time and progress saves until i quit the game.

new launch of the game - and i must do all the game from the start, even my settings doesn't saves.

And a little bugs - somitemes my icon on map starts to going from the border of screen.

And sometimes window with choosing of mission on the map is out of the border of screen on the half of it size.

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I have the same problem.

The game does not save the progress no matter what I do.

Unfortunately, at this point the game is unplayable for me for this reason. I can't just replay the same day over and over again, and I can't play for many hours in a row just to see what happens next.

Hope it will be fixed soon.

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