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The Game's UI is garbage.

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Seriously this has to be one of the, If not the most frustrating game UI i have ever had the displeasure of interacting with. EVERYTHING takes 3-4 times as long to do, First of all the biggest gripe of all: The ******* pop-up's, Klei Dev's..Listen. When you pop up an annoying thing saying "Oh something went wrong" Like food is unrefrigerated, An area is not getting enough oxygen, Or a specific food item has decayed and i Click on that bit? I want it to take me to that section so i can SEE what is going on and BE PROACTIVE ABOUT IT. Like jesus ******* christ how did you miss this ****? When you have bigger bases this entire game becomes a clusterfuck of "I won't tell you **** and let everything go to hell" again and again and again and you can't do -ANYTHING- about it besides the most tedious retarded "comb everything manually until you find the problem" route possible. What is the point?!

Onwards! Your plumbing system, **** off with the Micrograms already they do -nothing- for gameplay factor, you can't even see them as pixels on the floor, Seriously. Having to redo plumbing 3 times cause 1 miligram of water keeps being inside the pipe of polluted water next to it is annoying as all hell especially when the **** refuses to be deleted.

Also, SAVE OUR ******* SETTINGS. like i can't tell you how many times i've gone into debug mode to fix a glitch/******** moment like those mentioned above by hand cause i'm just getting so ******* fed up with these ****ty notifications you can't do anything about and say i needed to deconstruct something, Now a sensible person would realise that "Hey, setting it to buildings seems wise, there is no other buildings only menu and all the others are set to specific things" No. you'l set it to "All" and then you'l reset it to "All" every time we open the game. Leading me to my next issue

The game only fixing itself upon restart with many of these issues creating a ****STORM of just reloading endlessly again and again and again to fix a bunch of these problems meaning i'm sure i've spendt more time loading and sitting in the main menu than actually playing the game

Finally, your game just arbitrarily deciding to crash every other load setup so it takes twice as long.

Sorry Klei, Your game is kinda Unplayable right now as is past the mid-game. It's just too frustrating & Tedious to be any fun as there is a bunch of just "**** you" gaps in both the information & solution department At least for me.. which is sad, as i did quite enjoy your thermodynamics, Liquid & gas system in this game.

Oh and speaking of the UI i just was reminded of one more absolutely idiotic element, The fact that whenever you right click, it exits the overlay's & the Building stuff, Why?! can you keep the overlay to the frickin' overlay buttons and not have us lose track of what we are looking at -EVERY- time we want to change tools?

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