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This Is Unfortunate

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rocketman732    11

So it took me awhile to get these answers. But here we are. It has been confirmed by Klei over on Twitter that Shank will not be returning to PS3 and Xbox 360. It will remain delisted forever. The reason for this is because they said it would take too much time and effort to republish the console version of the game under their own name. And the chances of Klei renewing the publishing agreement with EA seems unlikely. As I said before this is highly unfortunate because people still want the game on console. However there is maybe a small chance that it will appear on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch in the future. But for now no plans. My estimated guess is that Shank will show up on those consoles by 2020, 2021, or 2022. And as a bonus I'm theorizing that Shank 2 will appear at the same time. However I believe that Shank 3 will remain in development limbo until the end of days.

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