Tentacles inconsistency / bug

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As stated there's an inconsistency of when a tentacle pops out and attacks, regardless of mob being near.

The worse instance would be when you're constantly walking/exploring without stopping. As we all know if you don't stop at all and happen to walk through a tentacle. Usually they pop out after you passed and still attack but miss because you're out of range.

HOWEVER, I had at least 2 incidents where a tentacle would pop out and attack me before I even got anywhere near it. And as mentioned before I was exploring swamp, mapping it out while collecting reeds, but in this scenario I was mapping the edges without stopping (no reeds in sight) when I got jumped. A lot of the tentacles that were in my path did what was expected coming out to attack long after I past them, except for this one that decided to prematurely pop out. It ended up hitting me a total of 5 times maybe 6 before i got out of its range. Keep in mind there was no mob to aggro it, it was day with no merms, birds, spiders,etc to make it come out.

There are other times where they magically appear even though I stood at the spot for at least 8s, the most being 15s. For example, one time I stopped to chop wood in the swamp, didn't check if there was a tentacle but I just thought I'll leave and just take the two hits if there was one. Nothing happens, so all good, enough time passed that if there was a tentacle it would of come out. I continued picking like 2-3 items before it finally switched to spade and proceeded to pull out the root (wood) when a tentacle decides to pop out and attack me. Got hit 4 times which was BS.

The other was when I made sure it was clear, no rumblings on the ground or tentacle spots showing up, during the night and burning a tree. I started moving things around in my inventory, got things out of Chester, checked the map to see where to go. As I started to make items like planks or whatever, a tentacle decides to pop out and attack me killing me just as it turned to day.

There are other examples like if there is a tentacle near a reed that you decide to pick, you are able to collect the reed and move out before it comes out and attacks. BUT sometimes it comes out earlier to attack you while you're collecting. Or if you're lucky you can get the famous aggro on you WHILE it's being attacked by 6+ spiders.

So the issue I want fixed is the time it takes for them to come out while they are just rumbling (bubbles) on the ground AND IT SHOULD BE CONSISTENT EVERY TIME. There is also the when you get close enough but not close enough for them to come out and attack; then they sorta pop out  partially and look like the tentacle spot item on the ground. Not sure if it would pop out faster than when they are just rumbling/bubble on the ground but it should also be CONSISTENT.






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