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There should be randomly generated passages that lead underground where are very strong enemies and materials. You should only go there once you're well equipped.It should be possible to create stronger axes that cut wood faster. Currently cutting wood is the most time consuming thing in the game. It should also be possible to create stronger pickaxes.Some trees have a low chance to create a wood monster. It would be defeatable with a weak weapon and would drop extra wood when defeated. It would look like a small tree with eyes, hands and legs.Some rocks have a low chance to create a rock monster. It would be defeatable with a weak weapon and would drop gold when defeated. It would look like a mini golem.Some grass have a low chance to create a grass monster. It would be defeatable with a weak weapon and would drop extra grass when defeated. It would look like grass with legs, hands and a head.There should be more item slots to allow more customization. I always must have a bag because inventory space seems most important. There should be other ways to increase inventory space. I also must have the hat that lights up the surrounding for exploration.There should be a boot slot. Boots would give movement speed.There should be a glove slot. Gloves would give damage or speed, so you would be able to mine or cut wood faster.There should be strong attack items that have a cooldown, for example a wand that can shoot a fireball every 10 seconds. This would add more strategy to fighting, so you'd have to weapon switch.During rain crops grow and huge rain worms come out randomly to attack the player from underground.More friendlies like pigs. Since pigs need meat to become friends, there could be others that need other things to become friends. For example, there could be nightmare soldiers you can hire with nightmare fuel. A mode about building a huge village and getting lots of neutrals to live there.Bunnies should beep from holes and gobblers should beep from bushes.It should be possible to create portals to other dimensions.One of the other dimensions could be a toy world. You could find materials here to make your own teddy soliders.Another dimension could be a dimension of nightmares. When your sanity is low enough, you can go there to fight even more shadow monsters and get even better shadow stuff.Thirst and toxication could be added. You'd have to drink water to get rid of thirst but you'd have to clean it first to not get toxicated. Some foods could also toxicate. During rain thirst would replenish but toxication would go up.Swimming. There could be some kind of gear to swim but it loses durability fast and if it loses all durability in the water then you die. There could be rare materials in the water and fish monsters.Tiredness. You need to use a tent or a sleeping bag to reduce tiredness. You should be able to go 3 days without sleeping. Tent would reduce tiredness by 75% and sleeping bag 25%.Possible to ignore interacting with objects while holding a key to move.A character that cuts wood faster and picks up twigs and grass faster.A compass to help find the portal pieces. This would be destroyed when going to a new world.Cows that you can milk.Dug graves should be shown on the map.

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