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Wx-78 Rework Idea (all subject to change)

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Dear Klei Development Team,


I love your game Don’t Starve Together, and have enjoyed its prequel Don’t Starve for many years. I would love to discuss my favorite character, WX-78 and what you plan to do with it. His personality is rude and hilarious, so please don’t change it, however, I have some suggestions for WX’s rework that I hope you will like. First of all, WX-78 is a robot, and logically should not be using food as its primary source of energy and structural integrity, that is why I propose that it should use fuel (Wood, Grass, Twigs etc.) as its main source of “sustenance” and for his health, I think he should use gold, stone, and wires for his main source of “healing”. One final downside should be system malfunction. Replacing the wetness debuff he gets by the time you receive this message, he should get slower and weaker when he is heavily damaged and this should be permanent until WX-78 is at 70% health or higher. Now you may be thinking, “what about his main perks?” Don’t worry, I covered all the bases. For his main perk I propose that he should still be upgradeable, but in a whole different fashion. Instead of upgrading just its main stats, it should upgrade stats based on different items (unique items to WX will be highlighted and the crafting recipe will be explained) First, his health stat should be upgraded with plating (plating should take 3 gold each) WX and it should have a cap of 300 health and should start at 150. His hunger should not be able to be upgraded due to the fact that WX would require more space to sustain a higher fuel level. His hunger should sit at 150 because that is a normal and balanced fuel level. Its sanity should also not be changed because a robot can’t necessarily go insane in the traditional sense, its sanity should rest at 200. Its speed can be upgraded with a speed module (the speed module requires 1 motor and 1 wiring) and should have a maximum speed multiplier of 1.4. Finally his attack should be upgradable with attack modules (attack modules require 1 motor and 1 gear) and should have a maximum multiplier of 2. Keep in mind that all of these variables are subject to change by you and they aren’t set in stone. I hope you have as much fun developing the game as I do playing it.



A Loyal Fan,



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