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The Next Character? + The End?

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Okay people we need some SERIOUS thought! So serious that it needed to be capitalized. Who shall the next character be? All of the previously added characters had a certain perk that would help them with the new update, (except Wes,) for example, Wickerbottom was added in Progress! Because of the new update system. WX78 was added because the spoiling feature. Now that the Winter update has passes the next update is said to be about the end game. Well, all the unimplemented characters don't seem like they show some sort of difference if they were to be in an update for the end game... Well... I lied. From what Kevin said, the end would be something mind-blowingly terrible.(Is that even a word?) 2 characters could fit this, Wortox, since he is a demon and after going through several worlds multiple times and once even finding a clue about what happened before you were there it would probably get Maxwell mad and send out a demon or something to kill you. Or it could be Wallace because he, looks like a pretty terrible guy, (future for Wilson after going Insane?) But before we think about these 2, why not think about where in the world is Wilson? He is in a demon's world that he lured Wilson into by making him build a Maxwell Device. So he is probably down, there... So if we think about the physics of that place, the worse you are, the deeper you go. So after getting worse and worse, killing poor defenseless jackalopes and trying to escape that place that a demon trapped you in (not a good idea, especially if you always end back in another world but it is even worse than the last) he might go to the end of there. So, let the replies commence!

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