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Airlfow and mesh tile logic port

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My suggestion is most likely not new, but I find myself constantly missing the option to have a 1x1 tile that opens and closes on signal, or rather becomes gas / liquid permeable. The most straight forward way to implement this is to expand upon the airflow and mesh tiles, keep their current behaviour but add a logic and perhaps a power port to them, allowing them to become impermeable. If unpowered, current functionality applies. If powered and active, become impermeable. 

People are currently using doors to achieve this functionality and while it does work, it seems silly and the dimensions of the door are inconvenient in most situations where you want to use the door as a valve. 

I wouldn't mind even if these were new tiles completely, keeping the old airflow and mesh tiles as they are now. 

This would go great with the new steam turbine. Would also allow to make more intuitive closed airflow circulation systems. 

Thank you for your consideration!

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