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Is there a mod that makes beefs not lose domestication?

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There's a ton of beefalo-related mods on the workshop but most are with descriptions in broken English, not updated in ages, or according to comments cause crashes. There's also a lot with basically the same name. I don't want to take the time to try all of these and potentially break many a world, so I was wondering if anyone is currently using one that works.

I'm mostly just looking for one that makes the beefalo permanently domesticated. The length of taming doesn't really bother me, but the fact that you could lose all of that work because the beef goes feral really keeps me from ever using the feature.

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I use mod "Full beefalo" for this purpose, it makes your domesticated beefalo to loose hunger at 1 unit per day (or at other chosen rate), so you don't need to constantly supply  for salt licks or feed it a heap before riding. So just feed it once in a long while (beefalo status mods to help with hunger level) and it will never become wild again.

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