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A discord devoted to collaboration and surviving.

We are TIRED of people destroying the hard work we put into building our worlds.

No triggering language please.

If you’d like to possibly join a bunch of people who enjoy playing games like DST (and many others) please respond to this post and we can do a trial on our discord.

We have Beans.

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I'm usually looking for hosted servers with a few QOL mods, that offer an experience that is at least close to vanilla, and that are actually willing to engage in keeping the world going for the players.

I usually like mods such as: Health info, global position/map sharing, info mods with the display food values/show me mod, and some other ones like wormhole marks. I like it when people tweak world settings to the server's preferance, i just don't like it when they create an RoG game and disable bosses or seasonal hazards. I enjoy playing furry boi.

However i don't like beans

Please don't discriminate against bean-dislikers.

My discord is Lucasey#9799, and I play on EU. However, I usually have acceptable ping for east US as well.

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