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Here are some my ideas, hope Klei will like them.

1. Blueprints that can only be learn by certain characters- For example, some engineering-related recipes can only learn by characters like Wilson or Winona. Magic recipes for Maxwell or Wickerbottom. And even spider recipes that only for Webber.

2. Land bridge- Ocean has added in DST, and players are using boats as bridges for go to moon island and other shortcuts. And I say, how about we add land bridge into the game, so we don't need to jumping up and down on the boat. The land bridge can have durability like boats, when it drop to 0 it breaks.

3. Craftable clockworks- The great Maxwell said the clockworks are his creations ,but he forgot how to build them. What if there is a way that you can get blueprint for make our own clockworks? The blueprints can adopt idea 1 that can only learn by some characters. Knights and Bishops can be excellent allies in battles. And the rook can help players farm trees and marbles (It makes the rook more expensive than others).

4. Buff Woodie- Woodie was my first character played in DST. But his benefits for the squads are very slim. His only strength is logging. But players don't need a good lumberjack to get wood, we have many ways to farm woods that are more efficient than Lucy the axe. And for his warebeaver form. We have Wolf and Wig to fight and deals damages, so we don't need a big beaver to bite enemies.

5. Single person ship- Like all the ships in shipwrecked.

That's all, hope you like it. Thanks for spending your time.

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