Dont starve for several languages​​, Beefalo domesticated, playing with chester

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Beefalo-domesticatedThe Beefalo by giving them help, feces and they need more function.they could serve to domesticate, first Beefalo wild acustuma should be with you (would be faster with hat Beefalo) after they get used to you would have to pick grass they will follow you and they put a fence (the fence could add dont starve)after that was getting so feeding them or planting season that has Beefalo Beefalo drink milk you could take the summer and take them by.chester-play withchester play with would be a good thing to increase sanity, you could play anything he would pick and maybe bring him back or not. (it would be another use)-sleeping bag to keep warm during winter-dont starve in other languagesThere people worldwide playing dont starve, I wish he was in another language and that we dont starve fan helps to translate our language (in case I Portuguese-br) I know little English more I know enough to translate.

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