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Plumbing Optimization

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Branches in the plumbing network often do not operate as expected. In a case such as one input to a joint and two outputs to a single joint would often cause one output to receive all the input while the other output receives none. My current solution to this is to limit the output receiving all the input to 5000 g, using a liquid valve, forcing the input the other half into the other output. The expected outcome, in my opinion, is that each output would alternate would receive a portion of the input in respects to the number of outputs. This is also a problem in the reverse condition, in a case of multiple inputs to one output only one of the inputs would flow through the output as the others are halted regardless if the substance is the same or not. The expected outcomes in this case, in my opinion, would that the all the inputs would give a portion of their load proportional to the number of inputs to give a full load to the output, or, in a case of different substances, the inputs would alternate transferring their load to the output. This problem changes with the locations of the inputs and outputs and are often not predictable.

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