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Help creating sprites

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I started working on a character project recently, and I managed to make the character and it's tools 100% functional, with a few bumps in the way. But now I can't for the life of me manage to put in custom animations. I can't seem to find any simple guides to people that never worked with spriter and other similar tools. I already tried a Hex editor, a build renamer, and at this point I'm sure I'm doing something wrong.

What I tried to do so far was to convert the .tex into a png, edit it with photoshop, convert it back into .tex and then use the build renamer, but the item would just be invisible in-game (but if I change the ANIM path in the .lua to a vanilla animation it works fine, so it has to be something on my end). And if I try to edit the build.bin using a hex editor I end up with two different errors ("Out of Memory" if I just edit existing values and "End of Flux" if I insert a byte).

If someone can point me to a simple guide or explain to me in detail what I need to do I would really appreciate it!

I've attached the mod just in case


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