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Just a few ideas.

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Hello, I've played a bit of the the Return Of Them Beta. It looks quite good, But I have a few ideas.

-I don't know if this has been fixed yet, but my first run was ruined because Wortox couldn't soul hop to the boat.

-Boats need to be bigger, there really isn't enough room for a person to live on it or put a good camp. I put a campfire in the middle and no matter where I was on the boat I got overheated by a normal sized fire.

-I think there should be more drifting stuff on the water, and maybe a building you can mount to the edge of the boat to pick them up as you go.

-Bigger boats would make for interesting play styles, or the ability to attach boat together.

-The rocks in the ocean were made to be obstacles, so why don't we have the option to mine them to clear the area.

-Fishing rods should be a necessity for people who want to use boats a lot throughout a game, they should have a longer range and be used to grab drifting items as well as fish.


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