Oscillating Fan

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Okay so if this suggestion already exist then my bad but I haven't seen it anywhere yet, and it' so that why isin't the Oscillating Fan also cooling your temperature down as well? I mean, it's a fan so it should right? as it creates a gentle breeze, I think it would be really appropriate to add a cooling effect as well as it would be very handy in linked worlds like in RoG in summer and in Dry season in Shipwrecked.. seriously even some character refer to the fan as "A nice breeze" for example, yet it doesn't really cool them down.. now I know it might make the fan too good then, a tool you can use to battle multiple elements at the same time but then there is a solution for that, make the recipe harder, for example two gears, three doodads and two alloys? I dunno, you get the idea. It's just that I think the Oscillating Fan should have a cooling effect as well...

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