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how to dedicated server the new beta?

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what do i need to change? i already run a working dedicated server before but what to change to run the new beta version to dedicated server? if i tried the same process as before i cant find the server in the beta version but i can see it when i switch back. even if i already c_regenerateworld() the server.

is it possible to host a dedicated server of the beta?

can someone teaches me how? what do i need to change from my dedicated server on the main to become a beta server? thankyou so much

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If you use steam command to run them, Add this line to your update.bat file you use to update your servers -beta returnofthembeta  Then update them per usual and you can launch whatever servers you created in the Return of them beta folder in your documents.  Should look something like this     

c:\steamcmd\steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +app_update 343050 -beta returnofthembeta validate +quit     

Hope that helps :)

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