Build 65328 - Observations

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I came back to the game after a while and wanted to check out the new release (maybe these bugs where there already in the previous build, I only played that briefly). Here is what I found, starting a new game:

1. The map shows all the important items (grass, spiders, berries, pig king) already, without having to discover anything and there is no map background. Is that intended?

2. Torches now last a bit more than half a night, so you only need two torches to get through the night (where it was about three in previous builds), which is nice, but it defeats the purpose of the campfire a little. Once you have the resources, you should build a fire pit for cooking.

3. During the 2nd day, there was a bit of stuttering in the game, where the game did not stutter before on the same computer system. By day 3 the game occasionally slowed down a lot, especially using WASD to move. I found the WASD controls convenient, but I returned to using the mouse because of this issue.

4. I found a couple of pig houses with a spider's nest nearby, so I employed my tactic of hitting the nest once and pulling a couple of spiders to the pigmen to have them finish off the spiders leaving the meat and silk for me. This showed that each spider's nest now contains a limited amount of spiders (6 or 7?) and hitting the nest after this amount of spiders has spawned does nothing so the nest can easily be destroyed. In previous builds, the nest always spawned spiders when hit, until it was destroyed. The nest then drops spider's silk along with a spider's egg which can be planted for a new nest, with which the above process can presumably be continued ad infinitum. This takes out the difficulty of surviving, but is it intended to be this easy?

5. A curious bug occurred: I had caught a rabbit and picked up the trap (supposedly I now had the meat in the inventory, but I did not take a closer look). I then had the pigmen kill some spiders and picked up 2 or 3 monster meat. Looking at my inventory I now could only see 1 monster meat. The other meat must have disappeared, but I didn't any of it, I swear.

6. Killing a spiders has a chance to drop monster meat. Catching a spider in a trap gives you normal meat. Does this make sense?

7. I still had two of traps in the inventory, so I wanted to set a new one for a rabbit, which produced an error clicking them in the inventory both times, while they disappeared. I dismissed the first error, but this is the text for the second:

Error: Error : data\scripts\components\inventory.lua:257: attempt to index field 'inventoryitem' (a nil value) LUA ERROR stack traceback: data\scripts\components\inventory.lua(257,1) in function 'GiveActiveItem' data\scripts\widgets\common.lua(34,1) in function 'HandleContainerUIClick' data\scripts\widgets\inventorybar.lua(194,1) in function 'ClickInvSlot' data\scripts\widgets\inventorybar.lua(95,1) in function 'domousedown' data\scripts\widget.lua(160,1) in function 'OnMouseDown' data\scripts\widget.lua(165,1) in function 'OnMouseDown' data\scripts\widget.lua(17,1) in function 'fn' data\scripts\entityscript.lua(405,1) in function 'PushEvent' data\scripts\input.lua(49,1) in function 'OnMouseButton' data\scripts\main.lua(268,1)

I quit after that, so I don't now if any other items in the inventory also would have produced this error or if only the traps where bugged.

Take care.

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