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About Woodie's rework.

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How to rework Woodie: 1) remove sanity gain from planting trees. 2) werebeaver can gnaw all it wants, at the cost of having a faster human hunger and a less rapid sanity drain. You can recover woodie form by eating wood or normal food. 3) lucy now has durability, hits like a normal axe (or hits x1,5 faster), and can be repaired only by woodie, using flint, but will cost some hunger. He can also increase the durability of any other tool. Lucy's durability will have a sanity drain factor on woodie, and using Lucy to chop will slowly increase Also you can now craft Lucy with 1 rose/1 flint/2 twigs, in case you lose her. 4) all tree monsters will focus woodie/werebeaver, till they lose sight of him. (spawned treeguards will start chasing him on sight). Tree monsters will become more aggresive towards a Woodie after they see him convert into a Werebeaver. Pacifying will have zero effect on these monsters if you're woodie, but if you're not woodie, pacifying will work. 5) Now you can chop as much as you want without transforming, but if you don't chop, your sanity and log meter will decrease. 6) Eating wood will now decrease your log meter (and wont have any effect on your hunger). 7) now full moon wont make woodie convert instantly into werebeaver, but your log meter will drain faster, demanding you to chop even more. If you convert into werebeaver during full moon, you wont have any sanity drain and you will move faster, but you cant get out of the werebeaver transform until the day arrives. Also, the werebeaver music will sound more like a metal song, and the werebeaver will have a more rude look than before. 8) woodie/werebeaver is now not afraid of treeguards and will deal extra damage to them using axes. 9) werebeaver can now wear helmets and hats.

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