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[MOD] Hamlet QoL Changes

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Hello, this is Cracatoa (Aka David)! This is my first mod (For this game) and I've made some QoL changes for Hamlet content.

Misc. changes:

  • Bandit treasure chests now have more loot variety and some rare "jackpots".

  • Cloth can now be crafted with bamboo in hamlet, same as in shipwrecked.

  • Living logs can be crafted with 3 nightmare fuel and one log.


Shop changes:

Florist shop:

Lureplant bulb (Also made
 eyeplants able to spawn on rainforest type turfs)
Bucket'O poop

Magic shop:
Added Krampus sack (Expensive!)

Blueprint shop:
Most blueprints are now a lot cheaper.

Hat shop:
Removed cooldown for selling silk to the shop pig. Silk is hard to get in hamlet and it's usually more valuable than the
 oincs anyway.
You can now sell swashy hats to the hat shop pig in addition to selling silk to her.


(Likely not compatible with other mods that change hamlet shop items or bandit treasure loot. I don't know of any that do as of posting this, but I figured I'd write this disclaimer.)



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