How to improve Wagstaff (IMO)

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Wagstaff disadvantage seems more like a gimmick/slight nuisance, rather than an actual obstacle to overcome. I like the overall gimmick of him needing glasses because he is nearsighted, and ideally reserving the headslot to items with glasses. But because we as players can tell what’s what, even if blurry, it doesn’t really limit us all that much.

I was thinking that instead of having a blurry vision without glasses, the camera instead would force us to zoom in and minimize the blurriness a bit, so it is just a bit in the corners. This would limit our vision, without causing some headaches and others to just see past the blur.

To counter this need for glasses, he might need to have a bigger variety of headgear, also to be playable in other worlds. Maybe something to protect him from rain, overheating, freezing etc. Maybe not even head gear, but unique science inventions.



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