Shank Gameplay/Frustrated and Disappointed Customers

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This is my video gameplay of Shank and it is my way of showing Klei that Shank is still relevant and that there are people that want the game on current consoles as well as back on PS3 and Xbox 360. If you truly aren't going to do anything regarding Shank then announce it on your forums and stop getting people's hopes up.

Also attached is an old post saying that Klei wanted to improve on Shank. I don't see that happening anytime soon.

And announcing games or content literally one month before it gets released is bad for business. Companies need to build hype if they want their customers to buy their products. And I'm using Mark of the Ninja Remastered as a reference here. Game was announced one month before it was released. No one knew about the game being remastered. If hype isn't built up then the game or product usually falls through the cracks.

A perfect build up of hype was the Shank Trailer from the 2010 E3 conference. That is how you get customers.



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