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I think it would be really cool if duplicants could team up and work together on certain tasks and become friends with each other naturally as a result for things like morale and efficiency bonuses by consistently having dupes who like each other work together. And the catch, of course, is that while dupes can decide that they really like one person, they could also become enemies and either get stressed out by being forced to work with someone they don't like, they could outright refuse to work on a team with that person, or even get into a little slap fight! That now brings me to another facet of the idea I'm proposing: teams! When putting together a team of duplicants, they could all go to their tasks together and make sure to keep each other safe and return to base together, and overall their could be lots of benefits to this, and really, I just would absolutely love to make little dupe squads named after me and my friends and all kinds of silly stuff like that. Design an excavation team or a produce and kitchen division, an artist guild, or sanitation crew. Even if it didn't end up being a "meta strat", I know I'd love to do this sort of thing.

I'll be the first to admit that I have no idea how ridiculously ambitious or simple this idea would actually be to implement from a logistical standpoint. I don't know if it could be easy or difficult to set up some sort of friendship system where when they work together a meter goes up and that's what friendship is, and we work from there to determine what might make dupes not like each other and the meter goes down, but I do think it would be a really great addition to the game and add even more personality to it. Another way I think this could be more interesting is if the little quirks each dupe has, like being an art snob or something, that bonus that makes their creativity level go up but their expectations higher, wouldn't necessarily get along with someone with the quirk where they just don't appreciate art at all. I dunno! But thanks for reading this far if you did, and feel free to give me some feedback on this idea! As you can probably tell, I'm quite excited about it!

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