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My suggestion for willow's buff/con

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I would love to give idea's to klei if they got inspired from this. I saw that willow's changes were kinda ehhhh.(Bernie buff was nice) Here's my idea for willow.
-willow can absorb fire making her fire "amped", like wicker amp from forge or willow has a fire amp gauge (depletes if she gets too wet and too cold)

-willow's amp allows her to make any thing that involves fire last longer, star staff will last 5 days instead of 2.5, campfire last longer,torches, fire staff,(maybe more fire damage)

-willow can cook food food faster (maybe like winona's speed)

-cons (idk about her cons, klei did a good job for making her weaker to the cold)

-takes more cold damage

-freezes faster

-gets wet faster

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I think a good change for Willow would be to give her the ability to extinguish things on fire (with the exclusion of firepits and campfires). It could function similar to how every character can extinguish smoldering items, but Willow could also extinguish things that are already burning, but maybe at a cost for some health. Willow is seen as a big griefer magnet, and I think a change like this could flip that, as other willows could extinguish a griefer's flames, while the griefer is getting vote kicked. To me, it seems like an Anti-Griefing measure that fits well with her character.

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