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[Suggestion] New job / Room bonus / Attribute : Teaching.

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I really like the short animation of ONI and when i see again the Occupational upgrade, it could be nice to make this suggestion.

Like the short animation, i suggest a new job of teaching.


New job: Teacher

Fonction: The dup teacher can learn to the study dup his Interest.

New attribute: Teaching stat.

New positif Traits: Charismatic (Give +3 Teaching)
New négative Traits: Bad Kid ( Dup can't Teaching)

New room: Classroom ( Blackboard / class desk / Bookcase / Wiki computer item can be discover in research)

New machine (can use some W for work): Dunce cap machine . With few fiber reed, dup can create Dunce cap. If dup wear the dunce cap, he will lose his Interest with time.


The wiki computer can link to the ONI wiki in game too.

The room can work like the medical room. Select the class desk like the Triage Cot and select dup who need to learn. The Teacher will come teaching him.


The time needed for learn new Interest is a Ratio of Teaching (for the teacher) and Learning (for the study dup).



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