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Feedback after 300h

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Hi, i am enjoying this game a lot and i came up with some ideas and fixes during my 300 h adventure:

Gameplay / Interface:

  • Priority control with 1–9 keys in dig, build, and cancel mode, like in priority mode (currently, 1–9 keys control buildings menu all the time, it is inconvenient to mouse point to the other edge of the screen every time you want to adjust priority)
  • Adjustable bridge length – it is really annoying to cross 2/3 tracks of wires/pipes. Giving the possibility of choosing from 1, 2 and 3-tile length of the bridge would be a small but powerful improvement
  • Mark floor for tidying – option in the sweep filter to mark/select floor ranges which are supposed to be kept clean by cleaners. Would eliminate constant need for manual sweep selection (leaving storage boxes without sweep mark will make the Dupes collect random materials from outside the base, which is not wanted)
  • Built-in calculator for quick maths :)
  • Custom blueprints - possibility to make a screenshot of a area, which would contain power, liquid, gas, automation layers (or all layers), and a quick in-game preview of them


  • Equalizing oxygen levels in Exosuit Docks – make the adjusting docks automatically level their oxygen levels between themselves
  • Tight Airlock – airlock functioning like current solution made by spilling water across 2-tile vertical space. Said airlock could require bottled water for construction which would be spilled on the floor after deconstruction (to make it more difficult to handle), or had a water storage, which would decrease every time a dupe passes by.
  • Freezing Critter Egg to halt incubation – would make it possible to create backup of the needed critters, the temperature needed could be lower than that in refridgerator to make it more difficult, or it could be different for each kind of critter egg
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