Buying game on Steam (problem)

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To begin a friend gifted me his extra copy on steam. I played the game and enjoyed it enough that I went and bought the (2pack) to give a copy to another friend and then to give the 2nd to another friend.

I bought the (2pack) as it's the only method to buying on steam. And gifted my friend one, in my inventory it showed I had 1 copy left. Next day I login and find it's gone, sent petition to steam asking where it went. They returned my petition telling me that I shouldn't have been able to buy it in the first place if it was already on my account. Later that day the friend got online and told me

"thanks for the gift it's really fun, my friend will enjoy the other copy"

It'd seem he got the (2pack) when I gifted him with the intention of just one being sent. Now I sent this information to the petition saying that they need to state that in the purchase screen. "Buyer warning, if you own this you'll only be able to gift entire (2pack)"

Now when steam contacted me back on my petition they told me

"All Two Pack offers contain 1 gift subscription and 1 subscription towards your own account. If you already have the subscription on your account, you should not be able to purchase the 2-pack, even if your intention is to send two gifts."

"Usually, upon attempting to purchase 2-pack content of a game you already own you would see a large error message saying that you will not be able to purchase the content, pretty much what you were suggesting. As this game is currently in preorder, we are unable to communicate this to our users and we apologize for any inconvenience it is causing."

Here is the problem with this. It doesnt prompt that error message on Steam so the buyer has no clue. Last this is how they have it shown on steam.

"Includes two copies of Don't Starve - Send the extra copy to a friend!"

If you didn't know any better you'd think you were buying two copies. What my intentions for buying the two pack was to keep the extra for when my other friend that was interested in it came online,I'd have given it to her. I'm not here to ask for a refund or a hand out just saying that you may want to get with steam or who ever and fix that problem.

Also am I understanding that correctly? I'm not allowed to purchase more then one copy? Don't you guys want money so as to keep funding going? That just boggles my mind to limit purchases on steam. If this can be fixed I'd like to buy more copies and be able to send them to friends.

Great game looking forward to seeing the end result, keep up the good work. Email me if you need any more details or petition information.

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