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Some advice on automated circuits and liquid/gas pipeline

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I find it difficult to realize some complicated logic control with automatic circuit sometimes.A large number of automation components take up a large amount of space and sometimes conflict with the automation interfaces of other devices.So, I wonder if it's necessary to come up with a box to put a lot of component circuits and provide several inputs and outputs on the outside of the box at the same time, like a chip, where the complex circuits are hidden inside and the I/O ports are connected on the outside.This makes automation easier and more powerful.Such a junction box, or chip, could be added directly to a game as a feature, or it could be made into a printed circuit board by some new machine.

We are often confused by the intricacies of the pipes in the game and the strange flow paths in the pipes.I think some new pipeline components and functions should be introduced.Sometimes we have multiple pipes connected to one pipe, or more complex multiplexes that converge and diverge.A three-way or four-way element is necessary and should be able to select the input and output directions of each port at the time of manufacture.

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