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Translation Issues (Idioms)

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I’m in an Advanced Spanish II class at an IB school, which means that I’m somewhat able to translate Spanish into English in settings like games. I’ve played characters such as Wigfrid with the setting for Spanish turned on, and I’ve noticed that several English idioms are simply directly translated, rather than translated into a Spanish idiom with a similar meaning, or even being translated into the meaning behind the English Idiom.

For example, when Wigfrid goes into a woodsy area, she will comment “I feel at home in the woods.” The Spanish translation in-game is simply “Me siento en casa en el bosque.” The issue with this translation is that the idiom wouldn’t make sense to any native Spanish speaker, who would read it as “I have an emotion of being in a house in the woods.” While reasoning might lead them to understand Wigfrid’s meaning with time, it’s awkward for both designer and reader. A better translation would be “Me siento cómodo en el bosque,” or even “Estoy cómodo en el bosque.”

Could pocket edition have a translation help button for these issues?

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