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Custom starting items help

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Hello, this is my first post on the forums.

I had a question regarding character starter items. I recently followed a tutorial that allowed me to create my Epic Sans mod with custom sounds, now I want Epic to start with a rubber chicken which I'm considering having function as a pickaxe that never breaks. I tried ripping the pickaxe from the games data files but I see that the bin files are empty. Would a person have to code this from the beginning or is there some template to work off of?


Another question I had was if it is possible for a character to start with a portable tent, or even a regular tent? I wanted him to start with a camouflage tent with custom dialogue referencing the dead invisible camo meme. Is it possible to do this? I seen it done with the error sans mod and tried to rip the code from that, but even renaming it it still affected the original mod.


I have no code to show for since all I've done was just reskinned the tex files.


Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance  :)



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