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Hello dears! Perhaps you've ever heard of the fashion for thirst? I've seen a few thirsty mods, but they're pretty out of balance and don't have very good graphics and a lot of bugs. So I decided to balance the thirst and came up with a lot of mechanics and items, as well as changing some elements of the game. 
The maximum number of features thirst - 150 units, when 0 is subtracted by 1 life per second. The characteristic of thirst is indicated by a drop of water (rain is now indicated by a rain cloud). Water spoils within 10 days and becomes rotten. The freshness of water is displayed on the jar color (identical to the color of the indicator of freshness of food). 

New mechanics: 
1. The collection of water. Water is collected from ponds, in the form of dew, puddles from glaciers and after rain, one unit of water (displayed on the jar indicator). 

2. Morning. The new time of day, lasting 2-3 divisions. In the morning, a yellow mushroom grows, dew appears on the branches and bushes. 

3. Dew. Appears on branches and bushes in the morning and after the rain (after the rain dew is on the branches and bushes for two divisions, and then disappears) 

4. The emergence of puddles after rain. 

Ways to replenish thirst (drinking water and eating some food): 
> Water: 
1. Ordinary water (collected in a jar of ponds, branches and bushes in the form of dew (hunger 0; life + 1; reason -2; thirst +3) 
2. Muddy water (going into a jar of muddy ponds in the swamp (hunger 0; life -20; reason -15; thirst +2) 
3. Pure water (comes out of the filter and the longer it is kept (hunger 0 ; lives +3 ; mind +1 ; thirst +5) 
4. Rotten water (identical to rot) (hunger 0; life -1; reason 0; thirst -10) 

> Food: 
1. Mushrooms 
Raw Mushrooms: 
Green mushroom (hunger +12.5; life 0; reason -50; thirst 1), 
Blue mushroom (hunger + 12.5; life +20; reason -15; thirst-1), 
Red mushroom (hunger +12.5; life -20 ; reason 0; thirst+10), 
Yellow mushroom (hunger + 12.5; life -10; reason 0; thirst +20). 
Fried mushrooms: 
Green mushroom (hunger 0; life -1 ; reason +15; thirst 0), 
Blue mushroom (hunger 0; life -3; reason +10; thirst 0), 
Red mushroom (hunger 0; life +1; reason -10; thirst 0), 
Yellow mushroom (hunger 0; life 0 ; reason -15; thirst +1). 
2. Berries 
Watermelon (thirst +4) , glowing berry (thirst +3), 
ordinary berries (thirst +2), juicy berries (thirst +3). Roasted berries heal for twice less thirst with rounding in the smaller party. 
3. Other plant foods 
Mandrake (thirst + 50), the rest of the food does not restore thirst. 

New item: 
1. Flask. It has 100 uses, an indicator of the amount and freshness of water. The indicator of the amount of water is shown by the water level in the jar, the indicator of water freshness is shown by the color of the water level (similar to the color of the freshness of food). 
Crafting of two flints and one stone. 
2. Sponge. Has one use (can absorb 5 puddles, after squeezing disappears). Absorbs puddles from glaciers and puddles after rain. After that, the water from the sponge can be squeezed into a jar, filter or cooler. Will crafteda of 4 grass and 1 rope. 

New design: 
1. Filter. Cleanse normal water, making it clean water, and muddy water making it plain water. Crafting from one sponge, three stone blocks and two boards. 
2. Cooler. It is analogous to the refrigerator. Slows any water damage. Crafting from one gear, two gold nuggets and one stone block. 
Now there is a stage of drawing concept art. 
If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write.

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