[BUG] Remastered - Sound problem


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I am running on a Linux (Arch), and here is my problem with the Remastered version:

- I have sound during cinematics

- I don't have sound in the menu

- I don't have sound in gameplay

I play other Steam games on my computer and everything works fine. Even Mark of the Ninja "non-remastered" does!

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, nothing changed. I checked my volumes, but since everything else works fine I think it is a bug in the Remastered version. :(


I enabled the -enablelog flag in Steam, here is what I get from the "~/.local/share/Klei Entertainment/Mark of the Ninja Remastered/log/sound.log" file:


[09:44.33] (140267419705856) Couldn't load FEV ninja_DLC.fev
[09:44.41] (140267419705856) Setting ambient music from checkpoint (Start): ninja/MUSIC/Ambient_1
[09:44.41] (140267419705856) Could not find named sound UNK to set parameter intensity

The first line appears in the menu, the last 2 lines when I start a game.


I checked on Google and on this forum but I did not find any solution.

If anyone has one, can you please post it here?

Otherwise, is it a known bug planned for fixing in a new patch?


Thank you in advance.


Best Regards,


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