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Hello world,

This is my first thread and I would like to say that I love "Don't starve" and I've been playing with my friends at home for a couple of days now and I see there are a lot of improvements since the last time I've played it (and that was a loong time ago- still had the research light bulb points.) I like the INSANITY update and I can't wait for the WINTER update.

I want to use this thread as a compilation of all my ideas. I will update it as soon as I have more new ideas. Maybe some of the ideas are already mentioned but I just don't have the time to read through all of the wonderful posts out here. Great community! ( I will read more when I have more time :) )

Let's start:

-Map custom tracker: An option which allows to insert a custom tracker on the map with some text on it. It will be useful to track some things such as rabbit holes on the map, or something you found interesting like personal notes. It will contribute to the survival atmosphere.

-Pencil: A new item with which you can write those notes on the map (or on the papyrus), say: One twig+one charcoal.

-Canoe & beach: A boat with which you can travel through water, say: 20x grass, 20x twigs, 10x rope + a new area (beach) from which you can enter the water.

-Habitat: Same as the tent, but it lasts forever. (I read that someone here made a mod for everlasting tent, which is good but I think that a more resource demanding house, say: 15x cut stone, 20 wood boards, 10x rope etc. should be harder to make, but it should last forever.)

-Knife: A basic item out of twigs, rope and rock with which you can gather the same things (grass, flowers, twigs, etc.), but just 1 or 2 seconds faster.

-Bigger backpack: It might make the game easier, but it should be resource demanding.

-Difficulty changes: There were ideas about adding difficulty. The game is easier now then it was when I first played it. My idea is not to change the game, but to add specific items for specific difficulties. For example: Bigger backpack only on easy mode.

Tell me what you think. I will update as soon as I have the time.

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