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A few unrelated suggestions

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Hey all! Really, really love the game. Thanks for all the hard work in putting it together! A few suggestions

1. A "0" priority to make it easier to build plans that your dupes aren't ready to work on yet. Maybe these plans would appear in a special color so you don't forget why no one's moved on them yet. Along with this, it might be nice to be able to place more building plans that we don't have the materials for yet. That could get more tricky though.

2. A "reinforced" robo-miner and "reinforced" sweeper that can sit atop your bunker ceiling. Maybe it rolls up into a protected form when it gets the right automation signal. Reason I'm saying this is I keep trying to find ways to mix bunker doors with bunker tiles and right now it just makes more sense to go almost completely full-doors. It's harder to make the top of your base look cool when it's a giant row of doors without much to break it up.

3. Probably already been mentioned...it would be nice if buildings exchanged heat directly with the floors they're sitting on. Especially in space. Also, I noticed that liquids aren't interacting with walls, what's up with that?!

4. There are a few balance-aspects that make things feel out of order to me. For instance, you can take research reeeal nice and slow and you'll still have finished all the tree except for rocketry before you're ready to build half the stuff.Nothing wrong with that, but it can make the game feel stalled even when you're making great progress. I don't know if that means we slow research down....which could be hard without slowing the game down. Maybe you have to find certain objects or visit certain places on the map to begin new research? That could feasibly tie it more to your current progress without adding too many hurdles. And you could still rush research if that's your thing, you'd just have to rush it via exploration.The alternative would be to speed the game up.See below for thoughts on that.

5. Speeding the game up. I never feel bored with the game, so I don't mean that it's "too slow." Also, I like the challenge of getting to shipping and transit tubes and just generally making things more efficient. But I wonder if we could have a mid-game version of those. The mid game is where things tend to really slow down...you have to set up your SPOM before you can set up your oil before you can set up your plastics etc., and everything is so far away. Meanwhile, you've already had it all researched for ages, and you're researching how to go to space! Or you just stop researching for dozens of cycles at a time. Maybe we need a mid-game version of shipping and/or transit tubes. Maybe dupes can wear a special pair of sneakers or skates that make them go faster, but there's some corresponding debuff.Maybe there's a robot that will carry materials from one place to another, but it's slow and there's a limit on how many you can have (maybe they're controlled by a station that requires dupe operation). Anyways, something like that might help smooth out the middle game without making you too OP before your time. (Confession: I normally stick with 10-12 dupes, so maybe I just need to get more dupes.)

6. Balance with ranching -- I really want a reason to ranch smooth dreckos and smooth hatches in the middle game, but I just don't have the time. I'm building so many other things, and then all the sudden I can choose to ranch those OR to power through to my metal refinery and petroleum production. May be play style, but it feels like there's a gap that they're not filling for me. I'm open to suggestions! I do ranch stone hatches to prolong coal production,

7. Personal preference - I love the idea of drywall, but I wish it would make a smooth background instead of a tiled one. For me, it looks like those drop ceilings that you get in a lot of offices. I don't want my beautiful space base to look like an office ceiling :p

8. The in-game explanation for tempshift plates: Accelerates or buffers heat dispersal depending on the construction material used.

I don't think this is strictly true. Even diamond tempshift plates can absorb enough heat during a sudden temperature spike that they actually decrease the transfer to the intended medium. On the flip side, a "buffering" plate placed in an ongoing heating/cooling system will eventually reach an equilibrium and act as a conductor. Maybe it would be better to say something like "Tempshfit plates help equalize the temperature in the area and even out spikes and dips in temperature. The construction material you choose can .... accentuate or minimize each of these abilities.." Wordy, but maybe in the right direction?

9. Stairs! Would open up a lot of new base designs if possible.

Thanks for reading, and again thanks for a fantastic game!

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