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I’m running the game on a MacBook Pro 2017, 16GB Ram 2,9GHz Core i7 with Radeon Pro 560.
Running on latest macOS Mojave.
I’m a regular Mac gamer so I’m very aware of the relative stress games put on my Macbook.
I’ve noticed exceedingly high CPU usage when running “Mark of the Ninja”.
My CPU show usage of over 270%. This is constant, even when I’m on the title screen when the game is idle.
As a consequence, fans are running at max speed from the get go.
GPU usage is very low with both internal and discrete cards, showing low temperature readings.
Even if I set the resolution to the lowest possible, switch off all FX, and leave the game on the title screen, CPU usage is still super high.
It seems that Mark of the Ninja is being more demanding than even the latest and most demanding 3D games on the Mac. (???)
E.g., on the same machine, I’m running “Rise of the Tomb Raider” with silent fans.
It looks to me like this is not normal and suggests some sort of issue with the game.

I wonder if anyone else has experienced the same issue.
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