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Don't Starve Together Wiki - Looking for Editors

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Hello there! For the past few months I've been working on and off designing a wiki that could provide accurate information about DST mechanics, especially its exclusive ones. Now, you may be asking, why don't I work on helping the DS wikia instead? Well, I have a few reasons:
For starters, I'm not interested in the singleplayer game. The current wiki has a big focus on DS and it treats DST as a DLC, making it confusing what is or isn't in the game and often ignoring the little differences in the base content.
Secondly, I'm planning to do things in a pretty different way than what they do, meaning my changes would potentially affect every page and I don't think I have the right to do that.
Thirdly, I'd be going through every single page to make sure everything is up to date and nothing was missed. It'd be much easier to just make new pages instead.
And lastly, DS and DST are considerably different games at this point and these differences are only going to get bigger as Hamlet is fully released and with new DST content coming up this year, so I think separate wikis would make sense.


That being said, allow me to showcase some of the features of the DST wiki I worked on that will hopefully make editing and understanding the game mechanics easier (keep in mind it's all a work in progress, anything could change in the future):

1) Automated crafting tables: Need to list every crafting recipe containing a certain ingredient? Look no further, this template will do everything for you.
Simply input the ingredient in question and voilà! Here's an example with pig skin:

Thanks to Lua implementation, this template takes information from an uploaded game file containing every crafting recipe, meaning every page using this template will automatically update when the file is also updated with new recipes.

2) Implementing tags: Tags are something used by the game to recognize certain entities. With this template, you can simply input a tag name and it will create a tooltip showing everything in the game with that tag when hovered. Here's an example on the Ash page with the irreplaceable tag:unknown.png

In this case each tag list was written manually (it'd be way too complicated otherwise), but as always when updating the template every page using it will also automatically update.


3) Implementing tuning values: When going through the game files, most numerical values will be seen as text, for example "TUNING.CALORIES_SMALL". All of these TUNING values can be found in tuning.lua, but it's often annoying having to go back and forth to check. With this template, you can simply input the name and it will convert it into the respective number.


The wiki right now has barely started, with about 50 pages made (most of them being basically empty) so here's where I need your help. I'm looking for people who can either:

  • Read and explain the game's code in detail
  • Write pages and be able to understand fandom wikia's formatting
  • Get clean images of the game's structures, mobs, etc.

This project is massive undertaking, I won't be able to do this alone. If you're interested, send me a private message here on the forums. If you don't fill any of those requirements but still want to help, send me a message anyway, we'll see what we can do.

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22 hours ago, HobNob said:

The current wiki has a big focus on DS and it treats DST as a DLC, making it confusing what is or isn't in the game and often ignoring the little differences in the base content.

This has gotten especially confusing since the QoL update. The Beefalo page's domestication section was simply updated to say that the feature is also in DS, without detailing any of the differences between the two games' versions of domestication, and the Bundling Wrap page now talks about how it works in DS and Hamlet, with the original DST version put in its own section at the bottom of the page.

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