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Device not compatible anymore???

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Kusuri    0

Okay. To make it short.

A while ago i buyed DS:PE and DS:SW for my Android device.. i too have DS for my PC and even wanted to buy Hamlet today.
Because i needed more memoryspace on my Smartphone, i deleted DS:PE and DS:SW from it & wanted to install it today again.

My Problem: The Playstore suddenly tells me that my device is not supported anymore for both games.

it worked fine, and now suddenly it's not letting me install it anymore. So the Devs need to have changed something to make my device incompatible with both games. I'm really mad now. I paid a lot of money for this game & really like it.. and now suddenly i can't play / install it anymore because the Devs changed something without announce anything.

I have Android 5.1.1 (should be compatible based on the description of the playstore) and have root (i'm develope my own apps and need system access for them). It alway worked in this Setting - till the Devs seem to changed anyting. sooooo... what's happend? And mostly.. why? It's not cool to kill of the support of device who can run the game without issues..


greetings from Germany

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