3 Ideas for the game

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1: Because some of the tombstones have your name on them, I believe that when you dig them up there should be a 5% chance to get 1 random item from you lates few deaths (2-3) (items not including eyebones, backpacks, and wooden thing parts) also there should be a chance on retried maps (same landscape) that a grave stone with your name on it would spawn at your latest death point (in that map)2: Doors, because the walls are somewhat useless since hounds and other monsters can find thier way in. I think that the doors should have a duribility, that decreases over time (possibly 3 days+nights) and would only open for you, and allies.3: Pitfall trap, created using twigs, cut grass, and a shovel (shovel loses duribility). activates when stood on, (cant be activated by you (or just costs some health to you) the twigs and grass should dissapear when activated, but the hole stays in place , allowing you to re activate it. only small mobs such as baby beefalo, hounds, rabbits,spiders(spidder warriors would jump over it) and any future mobs that would logicaly fit. can be baited, but light mobs like birds will not activate it. most mobs wont die from it, but will be trapped inside, and lose some health.P.S. thought of this right before I was about to post it, the trap should be able to be covered with snow, during snowfall. Always happy to hear feedback -sofahound

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